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  1. We have a rranged a special book signing to celebrate the launch of Dawn Voice's book The Owl Wood Stone.

    We'll be at the Duke Street Cafe, Newyln tomorrow (25th October) from 10am to 3pm.

    Why not come on down and meet the author of this beautiful children's adventure story

  2. We've been busy publishing our first book - a lovely children's novel by Dawn Voice - and it is now available in The Edge of the World bookshop in Penzance and Steamers Cafe in Penzance railway station as well as on our site of course. Dawn has another book up her sleeve so watch out for that one coming soon.

  3. It seems shows are like buses - they all come at once. We're busy with Mousehole Craft Fair (every Thursday throught August) plus we're exhibiting at the Cape Cornwall Art Show at Cape Cornwall school and now we're making preparations for the St Peter's Church Art Exhibition in Newlyn at the end of August.

    Our new little art print boxes are being greeted with enthusiasm and we'll be adding them to the site this week

    Hope to catch up with you all at the shows

  4. After months of careful preparation we now have a live website. It hasn't exactly been blood, sweat & tears - more cataloging, filing, uploading & 'where on earth did that picture go! As you can see we have quite a few paintings on offer, as well as gathering some lovely artistic creations from those around us. 

    Well, we've made it this far, but the site will be continually updated and improved so maybe we won't go too heavy on the champagne just yet...